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This is the website we intend to convert in the most relevant source of information about the Eucalyptus in the web.

And all this to you, .... and to the Eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus Online Book & Newsletter is a project that has been born due to Celso Foelkel’ s wills and dreams. It is also very dependent on the willingness from some supporters to facilitate its diffusion, continuity and perpetuity. The partnerships and financial support have the aim to contribute to a close to full dedication of the author Celso Foelkel to this project. The mission is clear: the diffusion of knowledge about the Eucalyptus in the most different issues, from forests to their multiple utilization's, always with the focus in eco-efficiency and sustainability concepts. For his enormous expertise in the pulp and paper sector, most of this virtual book chapters deals with this industry, but the Eucalyptus Newsletter's mission is to wide this scope towards any other subjects which are related to the Eucalyptus.

How is this online publications being made?

The Eucalyptus Online Book is directly connected to a technical Eucalyptus Newsletter. As soon as a book chapter is released, you will be informed through the newsletter (or through a short message), as well as, you are to receive many other relevant information about the Eucalyptus included in the newsletter content. This means that the Eucalyptus Newsletter is another important source of knowledge about the Eucalyptus and another vehicle to bring the new online book chapters to you. However, to receive the book and the newsletter in such way, and free-of-charge, you must register yourself.

The book and the newsletter may also be accessed visiting Celsius Degree ( website, with links to the contents of this project. The supporting & facilitating organizations and the non-financial supporting partners have also the purpose to promote the project through eventual links at their websites and via other of their information vehicles. In case of preference, readers are invited to come directly to this homepage , specially designed to house the Eucalyptus Online Book & Newsletter.

Both, the Eucalyptus Online Book and the Eucalyptus Newsletter are provided in English and Portuguese. However, the translation from Portuguese to English do not happen simultaneously – it may take some time to an edition in Portuguese be converted and made available also in English. Anyhow, this is no longer a great problem to readers who may get sound translations to any language using an internet web translator.

Book chapters and some newsletter issues are in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat). Chapter updates are very simple to be made and are to happen when new knowledge becomes available, mainly statistics. This means the book is always in the state-of-the-art.

Readers may get the book and newsletters by registration, to receive the products directly to their e-mail addresses without any cost. Chapters are not to follow an order or sequence for appearance. They are dependent on the sponsors’ interests, author's preferences and suggestions coming from the readers.

To be more interactive with users, a section on Q&A entitled "Ask the Euca X Pert" was made available for over 12 years to allow Celso Foelkel and Ester Foelkel to clarify doubts coming from the web readers. Since the section had extreme interactivity with interested parties, this section could be considered as a typical and permanent open forum for dialogue about the Eucalyptus . Go to visit and to get access to the "Archives of the Euca X Pert - Questions and Answers".

Facilitating organizations:


IBA – Industria Brasileira de Arvores
IPEF – Instituto de Pesquisas e Estudos Florestais
RIADICYP – Red IberoAmericana de Docencia e Investigacion en Celulosa, Papel y Productos Lignocelulosicos

Non-financial supporting partners:

TAPPI - Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry - USA

SIF - Sociedade de Investigacoes Florestais - Brazil

CeluloseOnline - Brazil

TECNICELPA - Associacao Portuguesa dos Tecnicos das Industrias de Celulose e Papel - Portugal

ATCP Chile - Asociacion Tecnica de la Celulosa y el Papel - Chile

TAPPSA - Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry of Southern Africa - South Africa

SBS - Sociedade Brasileira de Silvicultura - Brazil

AGEFLOR - Associacao Gaucha de Empresas Florestais - Brazil

APRE - Associacao Paranaense de Empresas de Base Florestal - Brazil

ACR - Associacao Catarinense de Empresas Florestais - Brazil

ASBR - Associacao Sul Brasileira de Empresas Florestais - Brazil

Embrapa Florestas - Brazil


Revista O Papel - Brazil

Revista O Papel Digital - Brazil

ABTCP Pulp & Paper Directory - Brazil

Mais Floresta - Brazil

Two Sides - Brazil

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